Bringing the your brands supply chain stories to your consumer.

Creating connections between brands and consumers, to prove provenance & authenticity

Consumers are asking for brands to set the benchmark by being transparent, and in the long-term only those brands will survive.

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We are your
Authenticity & Product
marketing specialists

Sharing your supply chain stories with your consumers.

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We are IDlocate Global
and we connect global consumers

Consumers are asking for brands to set the benchmark by being transparent, and in the long-term only those brands will survive. With our brand and shopper marketing background, we are passionate about working with you to achieve this.

Consumers demand transparency
Trust precedes consumer loyalty

Consumers are asking for brands to set the benchmark by being transparent and sharing "origin-based" information. Consumer research tells us, in the long-term only those brands will survive.

Our team are trusted partners
With over 40 yrs experience as consumer marketers

Our focus is always on the consumer. We approach our projects in the same manner; we look, we listen and we understand your business and your brand before we do anything.

FoodBytes! Sydney

IDlocate chosen as top 8 Finalist at
FoodBytes! Sydney

Eight game-changing foodtech and agtech companies from across Australia and New Zealand were selected to give a five-minute pitch and showcase their products at FoodBytes! Sydney, at Cockatoo Island, Sydney Harbour and hosted by RaboBank.

We went, we pitched to the 1200 strong audience of investors and business owners and we didn't win [dang it]. But the team had an incredible experience and met so many amazing, globally innovative clients and partners.

FoodBytes! Sydney
IDlocate Authenticity Platform

Connecting Your
Global Consumers

The IDlocate Authenticity Platform assists your brand to create connections between your brand and global consumers, to prove provenance and authenticity anywhere, anytime.

Today’s marketplace is global, there are no longer any boundaries. In every category, consumers are confronted by an infinite amount of choice, so how do you stand out? Simple.

Bring your brands authenticity and provenance stories to life directly from the product packaging, straight to the consumers hands with IDlocate..

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IDlocate Authenticity Platform
Useful Traceability Information

What We Do
Our Capabilities

A highly skilled professional service with a creative touch.

Traceability & Credentials
IDlocate Brand Platform

Delivering an authentic experience from source to consumer e.g farm to fork

Leveraging Provenance
Crafting your brand's story

Each consumer touch-point is aligned to your provenance & credentials

Digital storytelling
Social & Online

Consistent brand communication via a multi-channel media programme

Marketing Collateral
Design & Print Management

Art direction & creative design, managed to print production & delivery

Events and Promotions
Engage your shoppers

In market brand activations and events for brand immersion.

Marketing Consultancy
Projects & Ongoing Support

As an extension of your business, we assist with marketing & strategy

What does the IDlocate Traceability Platform deliver?

These are only a few of the features derived from your brand and supply-chain data.
We don't want to bore you with too much technical stuff.
Talk to the team to find out how IDlocate™ can work with your brand, in your market.

Disrupt the global
counterfeit trade

Globally, product and brand theft is a huge issue, IDlocate’s anti-counterfeit logic provides your consumer with a brand-verified purchase, increasing consumer trust and brand loyalty. Using unique QR codes and our IDlogic fraud engine, a series of checks are activated as each scan occurs. These IDlogic checks ensure the product is legit, in the right market and alerts are generated via the project specific management interface.

A unique product ID
for every individual product.

Each and every product is traceable anywhere in the world using unique and trackable "live" QR codes. With a unique code for each and every individual product, there is a supply chain & brand story for every product pack!

Instant product recall
directly to pack!

In today's fast paced environment, instant recall management is vital. IDlocate™ allows you to manage the recall message direct to consumer market instantly all from one scan of the QR code. The recall is coordinated via the management interface, directly onto pack and down to a singular pack, if required.

NO barriers to entry
for the consumer

No apps, no sign-ups, no barriers. Just scan the QR code and the immersive brand content is delivered directly to the consumer. IDlocate is built on responsive web based templates, meaning all content is accessed via the consumer’s native web browser. We provide consumers easy to access traceability content and build trust for your consumers.

Consumer activation
via promotions & repeat purchase

Repeat purchase is the key to market share. With IDlocate you can enable promotional content to be linked to each individual product's unique ID. Engage the consumer to drive repeat sales via in-market consumer promotions and provide instant purchase directly off-pack via e-tail and instant product purchase.

Educate & inform
via targeted rich content

The IDlocate consumer platform displays content that is relevant to the individual product, in the market the consumer has scanned it. Allowing your consumer to engage with your brand values, to provide further education about that specific product and it’s path from source to market to consumption.

content delivery

Using our geo-location pin-points, your global consumer is delivered specialised content specific to their location and market, creating personalised, relevant experiences in a local language, with local content. Track interaction using Google Maps to see exactly where and when consumers are scanning and interacting with your brand

Immersive provenance
content is driven off-pack

Bring authenticity alive, your global consumer can see exactly where your source ingredients are from. Educate them about your ethical supply-chain by using images or video to show a rich story linked to the individual product and the brands story.

A warranty & product
management cluster

Gain real, invaluable insights about the products in your consumer’s home utilising the warranty module, where they sign up all their products from ONE unique QR code. You will develop a picture of what they own in their home, providing you in-depth consumer profiling and provide an off-product direct link to service requests.

Take a look at our
Traceability & Authenticity Platforms

With options from basic to enterprise & blockchain integration - it's easy to start the journey.


IDlocate Authenticity Platform

Fast to Market, Authenticity Focus

Ideal for quick to market projects where a speed to market is important with minimal customisation of brand content.

The base features of the IDBasic Traceability & Authenticity plan are:

Blockchain integration ready

Unlimited QR codes per year

• Simple geo-location

• On-pack product RECALL

ONE product template

Unlimited products

Manual SCAN interface

Optimised for smartphone

Management console

Standard reporting

Content management

24/7day worldwide support

Download the eBook for more detail on the IDBasic Platform.
*Other options are available to suit your business or market, so please enquire with one of the team.


IDlocate Authenticity Platform

Project & Product Based, Brand 360 Focus

Ideal for medium to large traceability projects where internal / external systems integration & multiple product lines are required.

Features over and above the IDLite Traceability & Authenticity plan are:

Blockchain integration ready

FIVE product templates

• Geo-location authenticity

• Geo-fenced supply chain

RECALL management linked to geo-location

TWO language modules linked to geolocation

Responsive web consumer delivery on all device platforms

24/7day worldwide support

Download the eBook for more detail on the IDPro Platform.
*Other options are available to suit your business or market, so please enquire with one of the team.

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What clients day about us

What Clients
Say About Us

The team at IDlocate delivered exactly what we were looking for. Their approach made it easy for us, as we are a small team. The analytics dashboard and the bespoke code production interface they made for us gives us infinite flexibility and some amazing consumer insights.

Norm Morgan

Director | New Zealand Secret |

The IDlocate team just gets it!
We love how passionate they are about getting things right for our brand and our consumers. Providing the traceability back to source was key for us but we wanted to deliver it within our brand language and unique imagery, with IDlocate we can.

Michael Wilkins

Wilkins Farming Co |

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