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Order & Distribution Tracking

Designed specifically for start-ups and small sized businesses, this module manages the order and distribution tracking.

The IDlocate Order & Distribution Tracking (ODT) module delivers a fully integrated distribution management interface and dashboard that's easily implemented and managed.

As most start-ups or small businesses are usually tight on budget and time, the platform is enabled by smart and simple phone activated interfaces to produce stacked QR code tracking from product, to box, to carton,to pallet and finally to the customer or distributor.

The ODT enables tracking which links the distribution of orders or pallets to distributors, is tracked and verified on a digital platform which removes the need for paper based records.

Integration with most popular eCommerce platforms can be achieved if required by the pre-existing IGL API.

The IDlocate ODT takes the hassle out of managing paper records and delivers a time-saving business tool for start-ups and small business.


Supply-chain, Distribution Management

Key words

Supply-Chain, Order Tracking, Product Distribution, Start-ups, eCommerce, Authenticity, Farm to Fork, Traceability, B2B. B2C


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